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Glossary VElectrical Contractor Terminology used by Goodiel Electric, LLC.

V – Voltage; Volt.
VA  – 1) Electrical capacity or electrical load, expressed as Volts x Amps. 2) Volt Ampere rating designates the output which a transformer can deliver at rated voltage and frequency without exceeding a specified temperature rise.
VAC – Volts AC.
Vacuum Circuit Breakers – Circuit breakers, normally applied at medium voltages, that use vacuum interrupters to extinguish the electrical arc and shut-off flowing current.
Vacuum Interrupter – A sealed “bottle” containing contacts of a switch inside a very high vacuum. When the contacts are parted in the vacuum, as there is no gas in the bottle to ionize, the current flow is quickly extinguished.
Valve Regulated Sealed Cell (Battery) – A battery in which the cells are closed but have a valve which allows the escape of gas if the internal pressure exceeds a predetermined value (pressure).
Vapor Phase – In the core-type transformer, the core-and-coil assembly is independent of the tank, so that the assembly is allowed to completely dry. When drying the core-and-coil assembly, vapor phase drying method is used, in which special oil vapor is sprayed on the
VAR – Volt Ampere Reactive. Also see “Reactive Power”.
VCB – Vacuum Circuit Breaker.
VDC – Volts DC.
VDEW – Term used for IEC 60870-5-103 protocol. The VDEW protocol is a subset of the IEC 60870-5-103 protocol.
Vector Group Compensation – A feature of digital and numerical relays that compensates for the phase angle shift that occurs in transformers due to use of dissimilar winding connections. For example transformers connected in delta /star.
Veiling Luminance – A luminance superimposed on the retinal image which reduces its contrast. It is this veiling effect produced by bright sources or areas in the visual field that results in reduced visual performance and visibility.
Vent Cap (Battery) – The plug on top of a cell that can be removed to check and change the level of the electrolyte.
Vent Valve (Battery) – A normally sealed mechanism which allows the controlled escape of gasses from within a cell.
Venting (Battery) – The release of gas from a cell, either controlled (through a vent) or accidental.
Virtual Server – The part of a server that functions as if it were a separate, dedicated server. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and applications and even be networked with other virtual servers on the same machine.
Volt – A unit of electromotive force. The electrical potential needed to produce one ampere of current with a resistance of one ohm.
Voltage Class – The general strength of electrical insulation on a device, determining the maximum continuous voltage that can be applied between the conducting parts and ground potential, without damaging the insulation.
Voltage Drop – The loss of voltage in a circuit when current flows.
Voltage Gradient – See “Voltage Drop”.
Voltage Rating – The normal voltage to be applied to an electrical device to provide for proper operation.
Voltage Regulation – The maintenance of a voltage level between two established set points, compensating for transformer and/or line voltage deviation, caused by load current. The voltage change is affected by the magnitude and the power factor of the load current.
Voltage Sag – Voltage Sags are momentary (typically a few milliseconds to a few seconds duration) under-voltage conditions and can be caused by a large load starting up (such as a air conditioning compressor or large motor load) or operation of utility protection equipment.
Voltage Spread – The difference between maximum and minimum voltages.
Voltage Swells – Voltage Swells are momentary (typically a few milliseconds to a few seconds duration) over-voltage conditions which can be caused by such things as a sudden decrease in electrical load or a short circuit occurring on electrical conductors.
Voltage Transducer – A transducer used for the measurement of a .c. voltage.
Voltage Transformer – Transformer used to accurately scale ac voltages up or down, or to provide isolation. Generally used to scale large primary or bus voltages to usable values for measuring purposes.
Voltage Transformer Ratio – The ratio of primary volts divided by secondary volts.
Voltage Transients – A transient (sometimes called impulse) is an extremely fast disturbance (millionths of a second to a few milliseconds) evidenced by a sharp change in voltage. Transients can occur on your electric, phone, or even cable TV lines.
Voltage Withstand Test – A field or factory test in which a conductor or electrical equipment is subjected to a higher than normal AC or DC voltage to test its insulation system.
VPN – Virtual Private Network. A private network of computers that is partially connected by public phone lines.
VR Cable – AAC or ACSR with Vibration Resistant Twisted Pair Construction.
VT – See “Potential Transformer”.


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